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Dare to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover?

Playing safe is… the safe option. You are never going to fall in love with the safe option. I wanted to share with you a kitchen makeover project where I helped my lovely clients improve on what they’d actually already started themselves… but lacked the confidence to push further. The photos below show the kitchen as it was.

There were many plus points such as the quality of units and the stone worktop. The space was also working really well with a large and light working space, family dining table and even a light and bright chill out area.

There was a display shelf… all be it needing a little attention!

There was a picture wall with some nicely selected artwork and a large, solid kitchen table.

So, a lot to work with already. But it really was crying out for some love. 

The clients had a desire to go bold but lacked the confidence to know how to go for it. Sound familiar?

How exactly DO you choose which tone to go for? How deep to go? How will you know if it works in your house? 

It’s all in your personality… your seasonal personality to be precise and a bit like if you’ve ever had your colours done for your wardrobe, a very similar process can happen for your interiors. It’s not exactly the same but the end result is that you will feel very comfortable in your decision making.

Cue Hick’s blue by Little Greene – it ticked all the boxes for my clients and worked with their existing worktops, furniture and style of house.


In this kitchen makeover ALL the units were painted. As well as looking very smart,  it really ‘woke up’ the worktop, giving it a new lease of life.

We also added fantastic brass knobs and handles from Dowsing and Reynolds.

Because the kitchen units were all on one side of the room, it made sense to paint the opposite wall in the same colour to link it all together. Dark blue walls have a habit of looking very good with wood tones and make artwork ping out.

We also added a pendant light over the table. In a big open plan space it works well to zone the different areas. In the dark evenings, this pendant creates a focal point and a warm pool of light on the table.

The garden snug also got a serious makeover. Just like the art wall, we added to what was already here. One shelf just wasn’t enough, so we added another one!

We took a lighter tone of blue and had this cute 2 seater sofa by Love Your Home made up in a heavy cotton finish, topped with fun cushions from John Lewis and Zara. An indoor/outdoor rug from Wayfair will hold up as the kids run in and out! We also added curtains made up in a soft rose coloured cotton linen from Romo to help add to the snug feel.

We added a tile design anaglypta wallpaper and painted it in Farrow and Ball’s Calamine. We used the shelves to display the client’s decent collection of recipe books as well as adding to the rather sad looking plants with some easy maintenance faux plants from Artificial Green.

If you are thinking of a similar kitchen makeover, I hope this helps you to ‘go for it’ but if you need a bit of help to see what is possible, you might like to look at my new offering.

You can book me for a one-off consultation (details here) where I come to your home for a 90 minute meeting to answer and advise. And if you are not local to Maidenhead, I also offer a similar version remotely where you can email me your question. 

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