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Paint Colour Makes all the Difference

This kitchen makeover is a perfect example of how just by using the right paint colours and introducing an harmonious colour palette into a scheme, can radically change a room and make it feel much more welcoming.

The owner said that although there was enough space, the room just didn’t feel inviting and asked what could be done. So we got to work on our on site consultation. The following images show how the room looked before.


This kitchen was full of colour and personality which we didn’t want to lose. However, the wooden floor, dining table and chairs, tomato red leather sofa and rug were all in warm colour tones whereas the lilac and blue walls were distinctly cool colours. Putting the two groups together was actually accentuating the warm and cool qualities of each group and making the space feel very disconnected.

My suggestions were to keep to the strong blue wall colour in the kitchen but make it a warm teal blue and swap the lilac for a cream colour (dare I even say magnolia?) This would harmonise the whole room while still keeping the bold colours that the owner had chosen. We decided on the paint tones there and then! We ran through all the surfaces i.e. woodwork, including doors and skirting, walls and ceiling and what each colour and finish they should be, so that the owner had a specification to give to her decorator.

We had plenty of time to look at other suggestions to help make the room more welcoming.  For example, the lack of window dressings was making the space feel a little stark, so I suggested blinds and curtains.

The huge TV looked particularly bad suspended on the wall; not to mention all the wires and sockets that were visible as soon as you walked into the room. I suggested we build a shelving unit around the TV which would not only disguise the TV but also provide some shelving to put picture frames and ornaments on.

My client took away all the advice and it’s safe to say, she really ran with them!

Below are some shots of the room after the makeover, a vast improvement I think you’ll agree.


A colourful pendant has added a focal point and new light source above the dining table. For this and for the curtains and blinds, the owner asked for a follow-up meeting to specify fabrics and we agreed on a bold Romo fabric for the lampshade (which tied in well with the existing red sofa) and some simple curtains with a contrast topper as well as roman blinds with an embroidered pattern on them, picking out the colours in the room. All of these were overseen by Kate Lovejoy Interiors.

If you have a kitchen in need of a makeover please get in touch. And for interior design projects please take a look at the services I offer here or get in touch via email at I’d love to hear from you!

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