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6 easy ways to warm up your grey room using the latest trends

You’ve probably noticed that all the magazines are filled with the latest trend towards warm, earthy tones, inspired by nature. If you want to do a little update but your sofa and walls are grey (because that was all the rage not that long ago!) what do you do?

I’ve got 6 ways you can change things up a bit, using the latest trends without having to start from scratch.

1) Add natural wood elements

Wicker, jute and rattan are all on trend right now. The natural warm tones will help to soften things up. Try places like Maison du Monde, Made, Dunelm and H&M and Nordic Nest for side tables, trays and lighting.

From L to R- Maison du Monde, Heals, Made and Naken Interiors

2) Warm toned lighting

One of the easiest changes you can do to make your room feel cosier is to make sure your bulbs are warm in tone. Natural light will of course affect the feel of a room. If it’s north facing or doesn’t have much natural light, a room will feel naturally cooler, so a grey wall may feel even greyer.

But once that daylight has gone and you are relying on artificial light, make sure you have a few table and floor lamps to instantly create warm spots in the room.

Carla @houseofbeau13 has got it right with warm light and lots of natural finishes

3) Bring in the green plants!

It’s not a new trend to have houseplants of course, but they can sometimes be forgotten as a great way to bring natural colour and form into a space (as well as all the therapeutic qualities of course!)

Planters from Cult Furniture

If you don’t have lots of space, try grouping small succulents together like this, they have gorgeous subtle tones in them.

4) Use highly textured finishes

Don’t use shiny fabrics but go for textured finishes like wool and slubby linen to give a more relaxed look.

Bring in layers of texture with rugs and mis-matched cushions.

A perfect example of a relaxed look by Studio Milne

5) Colours to use with grey

Most yellows work with grey from soft ochre greys through to mustard and gold tones.

Using a grey base from the Glade Road project

We used a pale pink and a rattan pendant in this snug below . In fact most of the rooms at the Glade Road project had a pale grey background which you can see here– have a look as there’s lots of ideas!

Using pale pinks in the Glade Road project

6) Metal finishes

The obvious one to go with grey is chrome but if you want to warm things up think about changing to brass- not as bright as gold but will warm the palette up.

Image courtesy of Skona Hem

So there you have it! 6 ideas to warm the greys without having to get the paintbrush out!

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