Hello. I’m Kate

Passionate about people, creativity and the beautiful things that happen when the two come together

Beyond the latest trends, interior design for me is about how I understand and tell your personal story through your home. I have a deep-rooted love and connection with all aspects of the creative world, but I’m also passionate about people. 

It’s a perfect combination that enables me to create designs that align with your lifestyle and personal taste whilst also giving you access to styles, colours and ideas you may not have achieved on your own. Pushing the boundaries ever so slightly to help you discover just how bold and stylish you genuinely are. 

My story

I’m driven by a fundamental belief in creating a deep connection between you and your home, giving you a place for self-expression that also feels warm and welcoming, comforting and safe. 

My love of design started at an early age. By the time I left the Royal College of Art, I had a degree in Theatre Design and an MA in Film Production and spent the next 10 years working in the film industry. 

I spent many years honing my interior space planning and technical drawing skills drawing up sets for large films like The Matrix & Troy as well as big budget TV dramas too. Being surrounded by craftsmen, creatives (and let’s not forget movie stars), was an incredible experience. 

As I settled into family life, home took on a new concept, and I started to explore how our surroundings make us feel. In 2009 Kate Lovejoy Interiors was born. It’s grown steadily over the years, and I’ve been grateful to work with many wonderful clients, helping them tell their stories and create that all-important connection to their home. 

My Approach to interior design

When your home is the centre of your world, your space should express your personality, showcase your taste and work harmoniously with your lifestyle. 

To create such a personal interior, you need a truly individual design approach. That’s why I work with you collaboratively, taking the time to get to know you and what excites you visually before creating your own unique design direction and project plan. 

As well as my strong technical background, I trained in Colour Psychology and learnt how powerfully colour can affect our emotions and how as individuals we relate to different colours. All of this leading to the importance of colour in the home – not just having colour, but having the RIGHT colours for you. 

Combining this with a bespoke style analysis, I am able to create a colour palette and interior vibe that is uniquely yours; this is the key to unlocking the home of your dreams that tells your individual story.

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