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Beautiful, Artisan, Italian homewares- An interview with Allóra

I am always on the look out for new beautiful brands, so that I can offer ‘just the right piece’ in my projects. Discovering Allóra was a joy! Read on to discover a little bit more of what I found!

What is the story of Allora?

AllÓRA was born out of our passion for beautiful aesthetics and exceptional quality combined with our love for bringing stylish designs and unique wares to people. As we drove around Italy, we would come across beautiful little towns and villages and stock up on the gorgeous items we found. We made a personal selection of the very highest quality Italian textiles, ceramics, glassware and cookware for our own home, which we then wanted to share. We still do this by travelling through Italy, meeting artisans and spending time at their studios. We talk with them about their history, their influences and their approach. We discuss the things they create and we propose ideas for new creations they could potentially craft with and for us.

What inspires your designs and collections?

 We are from a beautiful region in Italy, Emilia Romagna, known for its gorgeous landscapes, medieval cities and beaches – a brilliant mix that we try to bring into and share through our collections, ideas and themes. As you will see from our pieces, we try to use a variety of styles and designs that work together. All of our items are handmade, using traditional techniques and the full process from designing collections to producing them is very organic. Our luxury linen tablecloths and designer tea towels showcase our approach in particular. Gorgeous fabrics, some woven over 70years ago, have beautiful and varied patterns and rich colours . These, in particular, very much sum up what AllÓRA is about.

What interiors inspire you professionally and personally?

Much like our creations, we have a strong appreciation of interiors that are charming and full of personality. In Italy we have a beautiful home in the countryside, surrounded by luscious fields and gorgeous mountains. For us, interiors that are clean, spacious and blend the contemporary with the traditional are inspirational.Think of rustic sophistication. Beautiful textures, open spaces and well thought out colour schemes are our favourite!

What trends do you see for dinner parties and events?

With what has happened in this past awful year, many of our clients tell us how keen they are to once again invite friends and family over for a dinner party. As we approach spring and summer this will undoubtedly become easier. However, we think that large parties and gatherings will be less common, as people seek more intimate and cosy settings. And since the British weather is so unpredictable, we think that al-fresco gatherings will be how many people choose to celebrate, whether as an event in the garden or as an outdoor dinner party. 

Thank you so much to AllÓRA for taking the time to speak with me. For more information and to discover their beautiful goods, visit AllÓRA would like to offer a big thank you to Kate for taking the time to speak with us. For more information and to discover her beautiful projects, visit Allóra.

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