Feeling overwhelmed by too many colour options?

Have you got fed up of buying endless sample pots or fabric swatches? Are you are struggling to get the right combination of colours?  Maybe you’re starting to lose your confidence and enthusiasm and just need someone to guide you.

Knowing what colours you like might be easy but understanding how to put successful combinations together doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

And it’s really worth getting it right as colour affects our mood, our energy and our perception of everything around us.

Having trained in Colour psychology, I’ve learnt the science behind it all and with my Colour & Style Consultation service, I’ve distilled my knowledge into a fun process and practical advice that will get you unstuck and clear on the decoration of your home. 

If you would love to have a colour scheme that feels totally you – along with the removal of the stress of having to figure out what that would be – then I can help you with my Colour and Style consultation.

How does it work?

The consultation is in 3 parts:

Parts 1 & 2 are carried out during a face-to-face session in your home, lasting around 2 hours.

Part One

I come to your home and guide you through my creative process, asking you questions about your own personal preferences (as well as anyone else who lives with you), and the mood or sense of space you want to create and what you want it to say about you. 

We hone in on colours and styles that you are naturally drawn to and may even come up with colours you weren’t expecting!

Part Two

Having established your bespoke colour palette and style preferences, we look at the specific room (or rooms) that you want to decorate. 

This is your time to use my professional interiors and colour psychology training to choose what we focus on. It could be:

  • Selecting paint colours to go with existing furniture
  • Looking at options for colours and styles of new furniture
  • How the colours of one room might flow to another
  • Looking at swatches you have for curtains and soft furnishings, wallpaper, tiles and flooring
  • Or a combination of the above!

There are many new paints on the market and the options can be quite bewildering! I can advise you on specific paint companies with eco credentials if that is important to you or I can suggest suitable fabrics and styles for furnishings. 

Part Three

Shortly after our consultation, I will produce and email you a bespoke Colour and style report that acts as a reference guide for your scheme. This includes:

  • Detailed breakdown of your unique style personality with follow up recommendations.
  • Bespoke colour palette referencing particular paint colours for you to match to.

The result

You’ll have a colour palette to guide the decoration of your home that resonates deeply with you.

  • No more being overwhelmed by decision, you’ll have clarity on how to move forward with the decoration of your home. 
  • You’ll save yourself the cost and frustration of a trial and error approach – with my expert guidance you’ll get it right, first time. 
  • No longer will you be seduced by high street trends as you’ll know instinctively, what will work and what won’t- saving you money on ‘mistake’ purchases.

This is the exciting first step on the journey to a colourful home that you love! 

"Kate opened our minds to new colours, styles, furniture and ideas. The result is 3 wonderfully refurbished rooms full of ‘our’ colour!"

Ayo- Maidenhead

This is a one-off service with a set price of £395 plus travel (+VAT). 

Contact me now for more information and to book your session.

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