It might seem daunting to work with an interior designer for the first time! In an effort to help you, I’ve added some FAQs below. I’m happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to contact me


Many people avoid hiring interior designers because they are afraid of the cost. 

You get these things when you work with a designer:

  • Budgets are more likely to be adhered to
  • Your chances of making costly mistakes are reduced
  • With an expert working with you, you’ll get exactly what you want
  • It’ll save you time, headaches, and money!

I’m worried an interior designer won’t understand me. 

It’s natural to worry if an interior designer will understand your unique style and preferences. As a professional with experience working with diverse clients, I’m not just skilled in design capabilities but also in listening and interpreting your desires. My goal is to empower you to embrace your individuality and never impose my ideas onto you. Together, we’ll explore possibilities and create a space that feels distinctly yours.

"I had no idea that an Interior Designer could be so accessible! I found Kate via her website….. we talked and I liked her ideas. She opened our minds to new colours, styles furniture and ideas"

Ayo – Maidenhead

I have no idea where to start and how to work with a designer. 

Don’t worry! I’m here to guide you through every step of the process with clarity and ease. By listening to your preferences and aspirations, we’ll uncover your unique style. My collaborative concept process will serve as a solid foundation, directing us toward your design goals.


When you consider hiring me to design your home, there are two main things to consider.

First of all, you like the look of my designs!

As a colour and texture lover, I don’t want to create a ‘blingy show home’ that doesn’t speak to you!

Secondly, you like me and feel comfortable working with me!

It takes a little time to get to know each other, which is why I suggest an initial phone call and a meet up.

My clients and I work quite collaboratively, so it’s really important to build trust from the get-go. I work hard in the early stages to really understand your family’s needs in the space and I always strive to create a warm, friendly and professional relationship with you.


As a designer, I spend time exploring your lifestyle requirements, which takes time, so I tend to work on projects that involve multiple rooms since the benefits of a bigger space are more evident.

I’m not sure if I want to relinquish full design control.

I totally understand your concerns. Your input and involvement are highly valued, and I believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. Flexibility will be key, allowing you to adjust your level of involvement based on your personal commitments, ensuring a seamless co-creation process. We can embark on this journey together, allowing you to be as engaged as you wish, ensuring that the end result truly reflects your vision. 

"We really enjoyed working with Kate and found the whole process very collaborative from start to finish. We love her eye for colour and the way she interpreted our not entirely mainstream ideas!"

Helen & John- Chinnor


It depends on the scope of your project and my schedule. In the early stages of the project, we outline expected timelines for your scheme, which could range from four weeks for the Stage 1 phase to nine to twelve months for the final phase. In some cases, large projects can take 18 months or more (if there is a building element involved).


My work often involves working with architects, builders, and kitchen designers, and I am often asked for recommendations.

When working with you, an interior designer might suggest small adjustments at the early stages of a project that will make all the difference to the final layout and design.

Please view my Interior Space planning service here

"From designing the layout to helping choose curtain fabrics, Kate was there every step of the way. We felt she really understood what we wanted even better than we did, and she worked really well with our builder to help us achieve this!"

Jess & Darren- Watlington

I’m worried an interior designer will only suggest expensive, high-end pieces, and I’ll have to go and find cheaper alternatives elsewhere. 

Rest assured, your desires and budget will guide my selections. I will help you identify which elements are worth investing in and where you can find cost-effective alternatives without compromising on quality and style. With access to a diverse network of suppliers, I’ll source dream pieces that align with your vision and budget.

I’m nervous as I haven’t used an interior designer before. 

Feeling nervous about working with an interior designer for the first time is completely normal. To build trust and ensure compatibility, I offer an initial face-to-face meeting. As we progress, I’m dedicated to tailoring the experience to your needs and aspirations, always keeping your style and home at the heart of our collaboration.

My partner and I can’t agree on styles and colours. How are you able to help with this?

It’s not uncommon for couples to have different design preferences. I’m experienced in navigating such situations and finding creative solutions that blend both of your tastes harmoniously. By attentively listening to each of you, I’ll ensure the final design reflects the collective vision and brings joy to both partners.

I can see you’re a talented designer, but how can I be sure about the business aspect?

I am committed to clear and open communication, providing you with regular schedules, milestone updates and addressing any questions or concerns promptly. You can rely on me to handle the business side of the project with utmost care and attention.

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