Often clients come to me with their space planning ideas so we can explore them together to see what is feasible before engaging an architect. Others have received the plans from their architect but want to make sure all the details of how they will live in their new space have been considered before they commit to the building stage.

Getting it right first time will:




You have an idea!

You want to change some walls around, you think it will work but you’re not sure…

You know that your space can work harder and so much better than it is currently – there’s wasted space, and it would just all make more sense if you could….

  • open up rooms to create a modern living space
  • take out that existing wall
  • reconfigure the internal walls
  • add in that en-suite that there’s almost certainly space for

Your ideas never move forward because the whole thing seems costly and you’re not quite sure it will even work after all the upheaval!

… or you want to ‘sense check’ your plans

Your building plans look great and you are almost ready to get a builder on board but you want to confirm it is all going to work with someone who understands furniture layouts, traffic flow and lighting.

For example, you want to check if:

  • the door position will allow for that corner sofa on your wish list
  • your pendant light will be in the right place to illuminate your dining table
  • the radiator isn’t going to be under the artwork you’d like to feature

By locking down these decisions before your builder starts work, you’ll have the confidence in your plans right from the start. Not only will the build process run more smoothly, but you’ll enjoy a home that functions perfectly for your needs.

How it works

Send your plans or ideas to me via email and I’ll review them. 

We’ll then have either a face to face meeting or Zoom call to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve. 

I’ll go away and work on the plans, detailing furniture positions and any small structural changes that would benefit the layout. 

You will receive a PDF of the following:

  • a minimum two layout options based on our conversations and my review of the plans which will include a proposed furniture layout 
  • a separate drawing with lighting positions marked and dimensioned off walls (which can be easily incorporated by an architect – if relevant – into the ‘Small power arrangement’ set of drawings).
  • a written report with my recommendations. I’ll detail the pros and cons of each option and my recommendation to support you in moving forward with your plans. 


The drawing package is £1495


See your space in 3D

Sometimes my clients find it difficult to visualise a plan, so a 3D render can be a good way to see a plan come to life.

This is an add on service with drawings packages starting at £450.


  • I will consider the way you want to live in your house and how you want to use it.
  • I will save you money and time as I can explore ideas with you in a more informal sketch format so that you can see what is possible.
  • I am able to visualise how your existing or planned furniture will fit into the space. 
  • You’ll have the certainty that lighting and electrical points have been best placed for your long term plans, without the necessity and cost of revised drawings.

"A fresh pair of eyes can bring a new perspective

and I love solving layout problems!"

Ready to get things started?

We are absolutely thrilled with our new open plan kitchen, dining and family space!

We started off a little confused about what we wanted but Kate really listened to us and helped crystallise our ideas and we’ve ended up with a perfect space that really suits our tastes and lifestyle.

We felt she understood what we wanted even better than we did and she worked really well with our builder to help us achieve this!


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