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Bold, timeless interior design

that feels like home

The time is right to bring those long awaited dreams to life for your Sunningdale home and it’s exciting to let your imagination run wild!

Drawing inspiration from luxury life experiences and destination inspired design that tells your unique story and celebrates just how far you’ve come.

But after hours of research, endless Instagram scrolling and a deluge of pins, it’s understandable if confusion has set in.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t have the time to single-handedly juggle all the aspects of your home renovation around your already busy life.
  • Faced with the sheer volume of options: -trends, styles, colour palettes, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors- you’re uncertain of which route to take.
  • The fear of making costly mistakes or repeating previous errors and having to live with them sets in.
  • It all feels rather complex when you’re longing for simplicity.



I create bold and beautiful interiors for inspired homeowners in Sunningdale and the surrounding areas.

MAKE the most of your Sunningdale home

Whether you’re extending, refurbishing or building something new, creating your dream interior will enhance your lifestyle. When you are short on time, however, it can feel quite overwhelming.

With my guidance, you’ll be able to see a whole world of possibilities, feel confident in your choices and create a unique interior vibe. 

Together we can make it happen!

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Say hello to empowered decisions and goodbye to hesitancy and doubt!

As we venture on our interior design journey together, you’ll break free from that cycle of indecision. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and second-guessing your choices, you can fully embrace the abundance of options available to you.

Through the process, you’ll trust your individuality and your own design instincts.

We’ll uncover the hidden possibilities and give you the confidence to go for what you really want.

I’ll take you on an empowering journey and lay out the exact pathway you need to create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re emerging from the ‘sticky fingers’ era or reclaiming your space after your children have flown the nest,

together we’ll create your sanctuary that grows with you- one that meets your needs now and long into the future.

Hi, I’m Kate

With 14 years in the industry, I’ve had the privilege of working on many aspirational projects and crafting unique spaces that elevate the lives of the people living within them.

When a long-awaited project is finally underway, I understand and share the excitement that comes with it. 

Hand in hand, we’ll bring those dreams to fruition. 

My journey into the realm of design took an unconventional and exhilarating path. It started with my degree in theatre design, where I honed my passion for creating immersive environments that tell stories. 

After completing a master’s degree at the world-renowned Royal College of Art, the doors opened to a decade-long career in the art department of the film industry. Having the opportunity to work on productions like "The Matrix" and "Troy," alongside some incredibly talented craftspeople, allowed me to witness firsthand the magical effect that design can have on an environment.

Armed with these invaluable experiences and expertise, I bring a touch of cinematic wonder and boundless creativity to every interior design project.

My full interior design service offering allows you to relinquish control while maintaining the flexibility to choose your level of involvement as your project progresses.

In your busy world, you deserve a design journey that accommodates your schedule and allows you to embrace the process. 

Let me handle the day-to-day coordination of your interior design project, so you can have the headspace to make key decisions and embrace your new space as it takes shape.

You choose your level of involvement, meaning you reclaim precious time and energy — keeping life flowing… even during a renovation.

Together we’ll navigate the intricate web of costs and ensure your budget is allocated strategically, allowing you to invest wholeheartedly in the elements that matter most.

As your devoted Design Director, I understand the significance of working with a designer who can transform your space into something extraordinary while respecting your desire for practicality and timeless elegance. 

A place where you’re ultimately  — ‘home

"We started off a little confused about what we wanted but Kate really listened to us and helped crystallise our ideas – in fact she she seemed to understand what we wanted even better than we did!"

Jessica & Darren, Watlington

Stage One – Style Direction

Initial consultation

At the heart of my design philosophy lies a deep appreciation for the power of colour psychology — so at the start of your project, I prioritise a comprehensive colour and style analysis. 

This allows us to uncover what truly resonates on a deep, emotional level. Steering clear of passing trends and instead focusing on the extraordinary power of the senses and how you want to feel in your home.

Preliminary Budgeting 

Together we’ll create a clear budget allocation, looking at the areas to invest in and opportunities for savings. By establishing a firm grip on your budget, you can move forward with financial clarity.

Concept Development

I‘ll begin the transformative process of space planning and tailoring scheme boards to bring your project to life. I’ll present you with your initial furniture plans, a captivating colour palette and a curated image bank. 

This is a collaborative process — your feedback and input are highly valued, so I can tailor an approach that aligns seamlessly with your preferences and goals.

Stage Two – Developed Design

Product Sourcing

Whether you choose to explore options independently or wish to rely on my expertise, I’ll work with you to source an exceptional selection of fixtures, furnishings and materials that align with your aesthetic and fit within your budget. Through my extensive network of industry contacts, I’ll be able to introduce you to unusual products and give you access to exclusive trade discounts.

Layouts & Finishes

I’ll create your comprehensive guide of layout, decorative specification and furniture plans along with specifications for each fixture and fitting. 

This complete package will serve as your North Star and give you everything you need to confidently approach the construction process of your project. This will be particularly valuable if you choose to bring your own contractors.

Final Presentation

As we reach the culmination of this concept stage, you’ll have a visual roadmap for the next steps of your project.

I will create a visual interpretation of your wants and needs and refine it until it evokes an indescribable sense of familiarity.

It will be a feeling. 

A feeling that your true personal style and the essence of what really matters to you have been perfectly encapsulated.

Stage Three – Construction 

Supplier Management

I’ll save you hours and hours of lost evenings and weekends with my extensive network of trusted contacts. I’ll manage every email, phone call, question and decision to ensure seamless coordination throughout the implementation phase.

Ordering and Scheduling 

Juggling multiple suppliers, products and delivery schedules can be an intense time burden. Even the seemingly straightforward task of specifying a single lamp can involve as many as 12 touch points from initial specification to final delivery.

Dealing with these intricacies demands a great deal of attention — every minute detail must be thoroughly considered, documented and executed.

I’ll coordinate lead times and contractor availability and keep your interior project firmly on track. 

You can relax and enjoy a stress-free experience as I handle the complexities and orchestrate the details.


This is a pivotal stage where the timing of each element is crucial for a seamless installation. I work closely with you to ensure minimal disruption at what can otherwise be a stressful stage of your project.

I have a network of contractors and craftsmen chosen for their expertise and commitment to excellence — which are yours to utilise should you need them. Alternatively, you may choose to bring on your own trusted tradespeople.

Stage Four – Furnishing and Styling

The transformative power of styling lies in its ability to tie all the design elements together cohesively.

It’s about going beyond visual impact, bringing a sense of completion and fulfilment. 

Your personal pieces will sit perfectly within the decór of each room with perfectly chosen details and finishing touches that make your space feel truly special and personalised. 

Prepare for your champagne moment as your Sunningdale home transcends its functional purpose, becoming a sanctuary where life will be lived to its fullest for years to come!

"Kate is an excellent project manager. My project started out as some "redecoration here and there" but then turned into a full house renovation. Kate simply took that in her stride and was instrumental in helping to ensure that it all came together – that sort of professionalism is very hard to come by"

Maryann, Fulham

If you’re in the early stages of a project

dreaming of the end result, but need help getting there —

 I’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions


That’s why I work with you collaboratively, taking the time to get to know you and what excites you visually before creating your unique design direction and project plan. I offer a full range of interior design services in Sunningdale, including project planning and Colour and Style consultations. 

You will be guided through the process so that you can make the right decisions and investments to build your dream home faster and more efficiently than if you were to do it alone. 

My Promise to you

  • I embrace a nurturing and compassionate client-centered experience where you can express your creativity and share ideas, questions and concerns in a sanctuary of safety. 
  • I promise to communicate openly, collaborate closely and be responsive to your needs throughout the entire process. 
  • I strive to build trust, confidence and deep understanding so that you’re able to enjoy a successful and fulfilling project as well as a beautiful home that is the epitome of your dreams.

Together, we can bring your long-anticipated dream to life in a place you’ll be proud to call home. 

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I’ve compiled a list of local shops, artists and places of interest that are all close (location) to inspire you !

"Kate has a great address book of suppliers covering not only bespoke rugs but also sofa makers, curtain and blind makers, decorators, upholsterers and carpenters. She is good to work with – efficient, punctual and keeping us updated on progress"


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