In a new world where the flexibility of working from home is built into normal working life, the role of the office needs to change.

A forward thinking local business owner believes that it now needs to be a place for coming together, sharing ideas and communication. So where rows of desks once were, instead there will be break out spaces, brainstorming and open meeting areas as well as an all important relaxation and chill out space.

The remit for me was to deliver a scheme for the office of a Berkshire based business that gave the space personality with a cool edgy vibe


Open plan meeting spaces allow for conversation and collaboration… and for ideas to flow!


I chose a colour palette that was rich and vibrant in some places and calm and relaxed in others, depending on what tasks are needed at any given time. The space has flexibility at every point.

Wargrave Road

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Laburnham Road

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The Old School House

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Ferry Road

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Littleton Street

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