John and Helen were already well underway with a show stopping extension that would upgrade their small Oxfordshire cottage to new heights and knew that the key to its success would be in making the 2 areas feel connected but they were not sure how to practically do this.

They weren’t feeling very confident about their abilities to solve this and feared that getting it wrong would result in a disjointed looking house.

I created a transitional decór scheme that began at the Inglenook fireplace at one end of the house, right through to the huge open plan kitchen/ diner extension. I worked closely with John and Helen throughout the process, and they enjoyed feeling so involved and guided through the whole process.

They now have a home that offers them everything they need from cosy fireside corners to light, bright spaces for entertaining their friends and the house itself has an individuality that will last for decades.


To create something truly unique and in keeping with the clients’ love of arts and culture, we commissioned 3 bespoke rugs for this project. The inspiration came from a variety of sources, including a Greek bath mosaic and Egon Schiele


The owners had a large amount of art and antique furniture and using them throughout the house in a curated way was part of the design process.


In the surrounding trees of the house, owls can regularly be heard. We used this as the starting point for a fun but classy colour scheme for the cloakroom.

"Kate has a great address book of suppliers covering not only bespoke rugs but also sofa makers, curtain and blind makers, decorators, upholsterers and carpenters. She is good to work with – efficient, punctual and keeping us updated on progress"


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