The unconventional footprint of the house that Stephen and Louisa bought with their young girls didn’t phase them, in fact they bought it because of its quirks and filled it with equally eccentric and individual pieces of furniture. However, there was a large area of dead space that needed addressing and so once toddlerhood was out of the way, plans for a big redecorate meant they could address this too.

They had tried different layouts but nothing seemed to work and they felt like they were getting nowhere as well as wasting precious space.

I listened to what they were struggling with and gave them a layout plan that defined the spaces, so each area had a function as well as creating a cohesive decór scheme for each area that work as a whole- taking on board their great sense of style and individuality.

They now have a house that works for them in every sense. It functions in the best way that it could as well as looking quirky and individual- telling the story of the family that live there.


This board was one of four and helped to communicate how spaces would connect with each other through texture and colour palette and layout.


Transitioning from one floor surface to another can sometimes be tricky. A gold trim adds a bit of bling and ties with other details in the rooms.


No bland fitted kitchen would be acceptable in this home! We used artwork and wallpaper to give it its own personality and luxe vibe.

"Kate has given our living space the four defined areas we hoped for and found amazing complementary pieces in our exact taste and style"


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