From blank canvas to a uniquely beautiful new home. Taking the time to understand the personalities and individual styles of homeowners Maia and Adrian helped create a family-friendly, welcoming space – without any dull greys in sight.

When your dream home has always been a characterful Victorian terrace in London, and then you find yourself buying a new build in a Berkshire village, knowing how to inject fun, excitement and colour into it can be a challenge. Especially when you throw different styles and tastes into the mix. 

Stepping up to the challenge, I created drawings to support the architect’s plans in the early phases of the build process, including lighting positions and in-built cabinetry. And I ensured we met all the builders’ deadlines. Maia and Adrian hadn’t bought off-plan before, so I gently guided them through the flooring, kitchen and bathroom selection process. 

Listening to their needs for a fun, vibrant, family-friendly home that was also great for entertaining, I created decor schemes for all the main rooms, ensuring my furniture suggestions matched their budget expectations – whilst also recommending a few key investment pieces to make their home shine. 

Maia and Adrian now feel a deep connection to their home, a space where friends and family are always welcome and they can live the life they want. 


Punchy orange and pinks are accentuated by the deep green painted backdrop creating a striking contrast.


A flatweave woollen carpet runner adds interest to the oak stairway, linking colours in the kitchen to the bedroom. Touches like this help to make the vision of a fun, vibrant home a reality.


A soft grey wool headboard allows for pattern in the accessories. All set off by the calm blue-hued wall. These complementary tones help to create a beautiful yet relaxing scheme.

"The builders built us a beautiful house. Kate played a huge part in helping us to
make it a beautiful home. It feels organic, and like it is truly us through and through – Kate found a way to marry our styles to create a home that speaks to both of our personalities and works day to day for our young family"


Pinkneys Drive

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Laburnham Road

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The Old School House

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Ferry Road

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Littleton Street

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