A 1950s dormer bungalow could very well become the forever home of Jo and Mark with some imagination and renovation. The building works had just begun and all the quick decisions that had to be made were daunting, and there was a fear that if they did not make a decision, they would end up getting a ‘safe’, ordinary home as a result of their indecision. This was an outcome they very much wished to avoid and we are very happy they picked us to help them!

As part of our role, we were responsible for defining their unique style and working with them to manage the project. In order to make the house feel relaxing and cohesive, we created a design scheme that ran throughout the entire house.

Their new space now boasts a light-filled, cheerful feeling that they enjoy both when they are inside and when they entertain their friends.


We used this painting by the client’s father as the starting point for the entire open plan space. We picked out colours from the piece to use in other areas of the scheme to create a relaxing and cohesive design. The cool blue backdrop gave pride of place to the artwork, visible from every angle!

Blue open plan kitchen/ living room

Using a colour thread is one way of connecting areas within a scheme together, and here the dining chairs, lamps and cushions all feature fuschia pink as their main colour. This helps to subtly tie the rooms together without being too blatant which keeps the scheme peaceful and relaxing.

"Kate’s guidance, imagination, vision and attention to detail was truly incredible; she constantly challenged us to think outside of our comfort zones. I believe that without her, our 1950s bungalow renovation would have been another plain, neutral and safe run-of-the-mill house, as opposed to the thoughtful, bold, bright and truly unique home that we now have."


Wargrave Road

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The Old School House

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Ferry Road

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Littleton Street

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Crowell Hill

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