Jo and Mark saw the potential in a 1950s dormer bungalow in a beautiful settings and knew it could be their forever home with some help. They were at the building works stage and felt quite overwhelmed by all the quick decisions they were being asked to make.

They were nervous that their indecision would result in an ordinary, ‘safe’ home and that would be such a missed opportunity.

I guided them through the whole process, defining their unique style and then overseeing the project with them down to the very last details. I created a design scheme that ran throughout the house so that it felt cohesive throughout.


We used this painting by the client’s father as the starting point for the entire open plan space. The cool blues as a backdrop to some bold colour pops… and the great thing was that this artwork was then given pride of place, being seen from every point in the room!

Using a ‘colour thread’ through a scheme is an easy way to help link spaces together. We used fuschia pink in 3 places, the dining chairs, the table lamp and the cushions.

"Kate’s guidance, imagination, vision and attention to detail was truly incredible; she constantly challenged us to think outside of our comfort zones. Without her, our home would have been another plain, neutral and safe run of the mill house, we now have a thoughtful, bold, bright and truly unique home"


Wargrave Road

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Laburnham Road

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The Old School House

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Ferry Road

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Littleton Street

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Crowell Hill

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