London dwellers Maia and Adrian had bought a new build, off plan home in Berkshire, to set up the next stage in their life as a young family.
They loved the design of the house and they dreamt of a fun, welcoming, informal family home but had no idea how to go about choosing colours or styles that worked together and they feared they’d end up with a generic grey space lacking in any personality.

During the build stage, I created drawings to support the architect’s plans including lighting positions and built-in cabinetry as well as guiding them through the selection process for flooring, the kitchen and bathrooms.
Working with a blank canvas, we created decór schemes for all principle rooms- always keeping in mind their wish to create a family friendly home but also designs that worked for both of them and their individual tastes.

Within months of moving out of the city, Maia and Adrian are very settled in a home that they already feel extremely connected to. They love entertaining and having friends and family to stay. Their open plan space, big garden and comfortable home allows them to live the life they dreamt of and I’m sure it will for many years to come!


Punchy orange and pinks are accentuated by the deep green painted backdrop.


A flatweave woollen carpet runner adds interest to the oak stairway, linking colours in the kitchen to the bedroom.


A soft grey wool headboard, allows for pattern in the accessories. All set off by the calm blue hued wall.

"The builders built us a beautiful house. Kate played a huge part in helping us to
make it a beautiful home. It feels organic, and like it is truly us through and through – Kate found a way to marry our styles to create a home that speaks to both of our personalities and works day to day for our young family"


Laburnham Road

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The Old School House

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Ferry Road

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Littleton Street

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Crowell Hill

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